I’m Luca – a data enthusiast, crafting clarity and innovation through code and creativity.

Through my work, I create meaningful impact by solving business challenges ​with data insights and statistical modelling. Currently, I'm a Data Scientist at Nederlandse Spoorwegen, the principal passenger railway operator in the Netherlands. I’m also a proud Ambassador for Kickstart AI, contributing to their mission of making the future of AI orange.

I have an academic background in Data Science and Applied Machine Learning. From a young age, my entrepreneurial spirit led me on a freelance journey, catalyzing my development into a multifaceted professional. As a result, I effortlessly switch perspectives and am able to translate data complexity and statistical analyses into narratives that resonate with people. I'm fascinated by the way people interact with technology and strive to make those interactions more intuitive and meaningful.

luca luca
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My areas of expertise

Beyond the professional sphere